The Ballad of Blue

Originally Published in Birdy Magazine
Art by Caitlyn Grabenstein
Story by Gray Winsler

The dragon Blue, whom you may know,
The one who lost his fire,
He flew the cerulean seas,
With wings that never tire,
Every vein flowing with flame,
A creature to admire,

Until the day the skies grew gray,
And thunder boomed with ire,
A bolt of light struck from the night,
And pierced Blue’s body entire,
Blue fell from the sky to the sea,
Unconscious to his mire,

Beneath the swells his body sunk,
Dimming his inner fire,
Falling deeper into the sea,
Drained of all his desire,
Hanging limp in the sea’s current,
The dragon lost his fire,

He slept beneath the sea until,
An anchor broke his rest,
And from the sea his body rose,
To break the water’s crest,
Frightening the old fisherman,
Who’s boat Blue took to rest,

For years Blue floated in that boat,
A dragon lost at sea,
Sleeping away day after day,
In endless apathy,
Fire drained from his every last vein,
Hope lost to atrophy,

Until a violet cloud floated
Over the dragon’s head,
And whispered to the dragon, Blue,
‘You look as if you’re dead.’
Blue gave not a glance to the cloud,
And curled up back to bed,

‘A dragon without inner fire,’
‘I know of no fate worse,’
‘But how can you merely lie here,’
“And not combat your curse?’
Blue, unmoved, unspoken for years,
Made his reply quite terse:

‘Go away wretched cloud above,’
‘Your kind did this to me,’
‘On that dreadful night, when your light’
‘Pierced into my body,’
‘And felled me to the waves below,’
‘My fire lost to the sea.’

The cloud mulled on this and replied:
‘I suppose that is true,’
‘But I am just a cloud, with no’
‘Control of what I do,’
‘I am not a dragon – I’m not’
‘As powerful as you.’

‘My inner fire is gone for good,’
‘As you can clearly see.’
‘Not gone my friend,’ the cloud cut in,
‘But merely lost in sea.’
At this the dragon’s ears perked up,
‘What exactly do you mean?’

‘No fire can be put out for good,’
‘It must be found again,’
‘Deep down in the vast sea below,’
‘Is where to search my friend.’
‘But the sea is my enemy,’
Said Blue to make this end.

‘Many enemies you allege,’
‘But the sea is not one,’
‘For water now flows through those veins,’
‘Dragon fire you have none.’
‘Ah!” Said Blue, as surprise struck through,
‘You are right, violet one.’

With that Blue dove into the sea,
His hope rising higher,
Flowing through the sea water blue,
With wings that never tire,
Searching for the dim amber glow,
Of his lost dragon fire,

Decades he spent beneath the sea,
Brimming with new desire,
Befriending every creature passed,
But none knew of his fire,
Forcing Blue deeper and deeper,
Beneath the sea’s entire,

And in the abysmal blackness,
He saw an amber blaze,
Beckoning the dragon to come,
Return to his old ways,
And reclaim the fire he longed for,
To reclaim his lost days,

He swam up to the scorching blaze,
And swallowed the fire whole,
The heat burning out his insides,
Setting ablaze his soul,
Fire and water fusing within,
The first time he was whole.